Tuesday, 11 June 2013

winter chills

current loves, exercise, eating healthy, leather skirt + basic tee, britney spears midnight fantasy, paw paw, puppa ruzz, pink stethoscope, elephant, designer, relax

Monday, 10 June 2013

leather + basic

Dotti Leather Skirt 
Dotti White basic Oversized Tee
Dotti Elephant Singlet

Hello new clothes, new loves, new inspiration!

Sunday, 9 June 2013

update update

I have not updated, been super busy and super horrible with my eating. It's now 50 days to go, so it's now or never. Why can't i just stick with it? 
Worked at Dotti today, and picked up some goodies. Spent money that I shouldn't have. I've got birthdays coming up, bills to pay, cruises to save for. 
Starting tomorrow with the gym, then study all day.
This week is going to test me, but i'm determined.

pretty lunches sushi and diet coke + puppy love

Sunday, 26 May 2013

breakfast and back workouts

So today i realised almost all the back exercises and machines i use during my workout are weighted around 20-26kg. Today i did quite a few different exercises including, seated row, lat pulldown, deadlifts, standing row with bar and dealt fly. I did some other things to and warmed up for five minutes on the treadmill. I will have to start recording everything exactly. I'm still not sure whether to keep upping the weight or just continue on. 
ps. this was my breakfast + juice and a banana post workout.


Did an amazing hour back workout this morning, proud of myself that i got up and went! Now only a few hours before I have to go to the hospital for my second week of placement. I hope it's not too bad today. Praying there is a nice AIN i can work with.
I'm loving these juices at the moment! They are about $3 from Woolworths (Reeboot your life) I'll have to check out the website now. This morning I had "Morning JOE" check out the website http://www.rebootyourlife.com.au/

159 days

until my 21st birthday, which means 22 weeks of training, eating clean and trying my hardest to get lean. I just want this time to be the time. I want to finally lose the weight i've always dreamed of losing. I can do it!

Remember your motivation linds!

1. tumblr inspired fitspo/thinspo
2. my bikini
3. summer and the beach and beautiful skin
4. fashion
5. instagram
6. people
7. myself

want this again!

Saturday, 25 May 2013

seafolly inspiration

I have about six months until summer time and about 8 until i go on the cruise. This is my goal, it's time to give up the excuses and get motivated. I've done it before, I can do it again! I haven't felt motivated to do anything this week because i'm on placement for uni. I'm excited to get all my study over for the semester and just relax. 
Going to work hard for this bikini to look amazing on me!